All About Trees

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Inspired? Here's are some suggestions from the USDA Forest Service Eastern Region R9 Regional Office of ways you can help trees and forests in your neighborhood:

Learn More About Trees

Penn State Extension: The Role of Tree and Forests in Healthy Watersheds

Stroud Water Research Center: How Many Trees Does It Take to Protect a Stream?

Chesapeake Bay Program: Forest Buffers

Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Podcast "Trees: The Oysters of the Land"

DIY Resources

Arbor Day Foundation: How to Plant Your Trees

Landowner Guide for Buffer Success

Current Programs

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources TreeVitalize program

Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Native Tree Plantings and Stream Buffer Restoration


Urban Street Trees: 22 Benefits, Specific Applications, Dan Burden, Senior Urban Designer, 2006

Organizations & Websites

The Arbor Day Foundation

U.S. Forest Service


American Forests

Tools & Calculators

The National Tree Benefit Calculator allows anyone to make a simple estimation of the benefits individual street-side trees provide.

i-Tree provides desktop tools and apps to help quantify benefits, prioritize areas, estimate tree canopy, recommend species, estimate carbon sequestration, and lots more.

Partners may find this instructional Tree Planting Guide compiled by CBF's restoration staff to be useful when planning planting events. The guide outlines the necessary steps, from finding a suitable site to making sure the trees stay healthy in the long-term.