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The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership

Learn more about the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership's work to improve Pennsylvania's communities, economy, and ecology by planting 10 million trees throughout the Commonwealth.

How to Plant a Tree: Earth Day Planting

CBF's David Tana teaches us how to plant a tree! Trees are a vital part of our quality of life. They supply oxygen, purify our air and water, reduce flooding, provide recreation, increase property values,

How to Plant Bare Root Trees

Learn how to properly plant bare-root Arbor Day Foundation membership seedlings in this step-by-step tutorial. Learn more.

How do I Choose a Nursery Tree?

Good tree care starts with a healthy tree, but the options at nurseries can be overwhelming. Learn factors to consider before selecting a tree and how to examine it to ensure you're buying a healthy tree in this video from the Arbor Day Foundation.


Tree-mendous Planting Effort Hit Earth Day Airwaves

To celebrate Earth Day 2020, the radio program "Community Focus" featured the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership, coordinated by CBF, on its Sunday morning, April 19 show. Host Mark McKenzie spoke with CBF's manager of the Partnership Brenda Sieglitz about the ambitious project. The program aired on six Cumulus radio stations in Pennsylvania.

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Clean Water Grows on Trees

CBF President Will Baker and CBF Pennsylvania Outreach Manager Lane Whigham announce the launch of the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership, a group effort to improve water quality in Pennsylvania and the Bay. (Photo by CBF Staff.)

Trees: The Oysters of the Land

CBF President Will Baker and Baltimore Tree Trust Executive Director Dan Millender discuss the environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of trees. (Photo by Loren Barnett/CBF Staff.)


What type of trees should you plant if your land is dry? Wet? How many will you need per acre? Our infographics can help with these planting decisions and you can also download a PDF to take with you to the nursery.

Planting Tree Species Based on Water Needs

Tree and Shrub Spacing