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Photo Credit: Shannon Bishop

Mira Lloyd Dock Partnership Diversity Award

The achievements of Ms. Dock in pursuit of urban beautification and forest conservation are worthy of celebration on their own merits. That she accomplished these things as a woman in a time when women were expected to remain out of public discourse is no less significant. The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Forestry Association, provides an important opportunity to retell this story, calling Pennsylvania to respond to leadership in its own history and continue this important work. In so doing, Ms. Dock's contributions can be appropriately honored and the public embraces the shared values and sense of ownership necessary to achieve the Partnership's ambitious goals.

This award will recognize a diverse conservationist within the context of local history, courage, leadership, and purpose.

Award Criteria

Nominations shall be made via the nomination form below with content based on the following criteria:

The Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership proposes to offer a $5,000 worth of trees, tree shelters, and tree stakes towards a tree planting project incentive to each recipient of the Mira Lloyd Dock award from the partnership and the Pennsylvania Forestry Association.

The partnership award recipient should use these trees and supplies in a project in a diverse, inequitable, and/or under-represented community. If the awardee cannot accept this project on their behalf, they may name a project to which the grant should be applied. This award will be given along with the PFA Dock Award at their October virtual event.